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Hi, I'm Kate Parrish.

On a Saturday in February of 2013 I overslept and was running late for a midday brunch date with a very pregnant friend. As I hurriedly addressed myself in the mirror, I couldn't find me. I was overworked, out of shape, exhausted, and deeply, deeply depressed. "Okay" was a distant and unreachable place. I was as far from okay as a person can be. But, BUT, I was in the EXACT RIGHT place I needed to be--HAD TO BE--to make a choice.

I could choose to be willing to make a change OR I could choose something much darker and irreversible.

That day, I made a choice to AIM FOR OKAY.

Most of my life, on a scale of one to 10, I vacillated between moments of ones and twos and moments of nines and tens. I call them the "i am nothing"s and the "I AM EVERYTHING!"s. The day I made a decision to be willing to aim for okay, I began to do everything I could to learn how to live life in the middle--the three to eights, the "I am enough."s.

I don't have all the answers. In fact, I probably have none. I have only my experience to share. I do know one thing for sure: the only way for me to hang onto where I am and what I have is to give it away. I'll share with you all the practical, impractical, rational, and irrational things I've tried, learned, read, and observed other people do to maintain okay and to truly live life on life's terms. It isn't easy, but what isn't hard won seems to be easily lost.

In my experience, life in the middle is anything but average. 

Welcome home.